Rocket Flight Log

Rocket Information

Rocket Identification

Rocket: Scorpion

Rocket Registration No: E-018-001-01

Rocket Manufacturer: Estes

Built By: Bernard J. Herman

Recovery System: parachute

Color(s): fluorescent green



Diameter: 1.89 cm      Length: 33.6 cm

Weight w/o motor(s): 44 g

Stages: 1

No. of Engines: 1

Motor Size: 13 mm


Flight Records


Number: 01

Date: May 29, 2016 Time: 13:23

Site: Tremont Park

Latitude: 41.473176° N Longitude: 81.686798° W

Site Elevation: 183 m (NAVD '88)

Launch Pad No.: 1

Launch Rod size: 3.2 mm

Rod Azimuth: S

Rod Zenith Angle:


Temperature: 28°C

Pressure: 1017 mb

Humidity: 53%

Winds: SW 23 Km/h

Skies: overcast

Flight Info

Engine(s): A10-3T       Batch No.: A010413

Stable Flight? Y

Recovered? Y

Any Damage? Y

Duration of Flight:

Altitude:       Method: /span>

Flight Notes:

Premature launch (prior to completion of countdown) due to finger laying on launch button with no pressure (black 12v controller). Shock cord failure resulting in separation of nose cone and body.