Rocket Flight Log

Rocket Information

Rocket Identification

Rocket: Sagitta Bolt

Rocket Registration No: S-002-001-01

Rocket Manufacturer: Sagitta Rockets

Built By: Bernard J. Herman

Recovery System: streamer

Color(s): Silver, white, blue & red



Diameter: 1.4 cm Length: 18.5 cm

Weight w/o motor(s): 10 g

Stages: 1

No. of Engines: 1

Motor Size: 13 mm


Flight Records


Number: 01

Date: July 01, 2011 Time:

Launch Site

Site: Back yard lot

Latitude: #° N Longitude: #° W

Site Elevation: # m (NAVD '88)

Launch Pad No.: 1

Launch Rod size: 3.2 mm

Rod Azimuth: N/A

Rod Zenith Angle:


Temperature: #°C

Pressure: # mb

Humidity: #%

Winds: dir # Km/h

Skies: Clear/partly cloudy/mostly cloudy/overcast

Flight Info

Engine(s): ABCDE       Batch No.: xxx

Stable Flight? Y

Recovered? Y

Any Damage? N

Duration of Flight: 0:00

Altitude: # m      Method: type

Flight Notes:

Rocket recovered within one meter of pad.