New Cantina

The Sagitta Cantina

Come on in!

Pull up a seat, grab something to drink, maybe a pan galactaic gargle blaster? and if you have something to say, let's hear it. Don't be afraid to state your opinion and have it slapped down. But don't just give in or give up, give 'em more of the same.

To often, too many people try to stifle your right to free speech on other forums and elsewhere, but not here!

On college campuses across the United States those who claim to have an open mind in reality close it to ideas and opinions that differ from their own. At work, don't let them hear you speak your mind or you may be labeled a curmudgeon or worse.

Here in the Sagitta Cantina on the other hand, feel free to speak your mind! As long as it's not obscene, more than likely it will be allowed. You may, however, be called upon to defend your statements, but remember it is friction which creates the spark which sends our rockets, and ideas, soaring.  Think about how politically correct is just a way for others to try and control what you say, and thus think, which is, in the end, attempting to control you.


and By The Way...

On occasion we talk about rocketry also.




Ground Rules:

hit the ground running and don't look back...


1) Post in the most suitable sub-forum for your topic. Topics and content may be moved if something in my opinion is in the wrong place.


2)If you think you may not like the topic or content in a sub-forum, DON'T GO THERE! Don't click on it, don't peek, don't sneak a look under the tent edge. Don't do it and complain. Your words will fall like snowflakes in a campfire.


3) Be responsible for your conduct and words. Remember, we pride ourselves on being a "civilized" society. Disagree, argue, shout and yell, but no hairpulling. Act like a fool for all I care, but if a time comes to pay the piper, don't try to foist the bill on me. My VISA is maxxed out...


4) What words are censored? Well think of the late George Carlin's seven dirty words routine. That's where we'll start.


5) Pictures of nudity are not allowed.


6) If something is reported as being questionable, I will put it to a vote of the current membership. If 90% of the then current active members agree the item went beyond just bad taste, a warning will be issued.


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