Launch Sites Map

Icon Legend

  • Green Icon = Open Access (check contact info)
  • Purple Icon = City Parks (restrictions may apply)
  • Blue Icon = Club Field (membership and extra fees may be required)
  • Yellow Icon = Permissions unknown (have launched there before and not chased off)
  • Red Icon = Shoot and Scoot (launched there before and chased off)

Launch Site Info

Clicking on an icon in the map will allow a box with information on that particular site to appear. We cannot guarantee all information will be correct or up to date and if a contact is shown, we highly suggest you at least try and contact someone before you fly there. If you feel additional information on any site is warranted or what is shown is incorrect, please use the contact form to the right to update us.

Places to launch with permission of the landowner or other authority are a blessing to rocketeers.
Name of Site

1) Permissions needed

Open access to any rocketeer (check contact for info on any restrictions)
City or other governmental property (Restrictions May Apply)
Club Launch Site (Restrictions May Apply)
Unknown permission (have launched there before and not chased off)
Shoot and Scoot (use at own risk)
2) Impulse Limit (FAA waiver altitude if applicable & known)

3) Range Fees

4) Clubs using that site (if any)

5) Contact Information (where available)

All Rocketeers should appreciate the use of another's property for the privilege of launching there. This includes public parks and reserves. The best way to show that appreciation is to follow ALL guidelines and rules for that specific property, no matter what inconveniences that may entail. It may have taken a club or individual a lot of time and talking to get permission to use the site and a single instance of using a higher powered motor than allowed can get that permission revoked.

Always be courteous, even if being asked to leave. Showing good manners can help with future contact and maybe someday win the day for you.

The Starport would like to help you get the permission to use a location. Please contact us and we will forward information and tactics to win over the hesitant individual.

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Launch Site Map Submission

Name of Site

Site location


Impulse Limit

Range Fees

Clubs using site (if any)

Site Contact Information